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Born 1995, China.
Based in London and Shanghai



2018-2020   Royal College Of Art, MA

2014-2018   Sichuan Fina Art Institute, BA


Lunhua Kong is a visual artist based in London and China. Lunhua studied photography at Royal College of Art 2018-2020, where she found the way to express and communicate using photography and moving images. Her photography LUNCH HOUR and moving CONSTANT CONJUNCTION #RAIN were selected by China Design Center as "New Horizon 2020". Kong’s photography ENERGY FLOW was collected by Sichuan Fine Arts Society, China. In 2023, solo exhibitions of painting and video works held at Issuing Gallery and ProjectZ Space.Influenced by abstract expressionism, Lunhua's paintings depict women's unique emotions in relationships. 

孔论华出生于1995年,本科毕业于四川美术学院,研究生于2020年毕业英国的皇家艺术学院(Royal College of Art) 。曾在伦敦、中国、日本东京等多地举办展览。其作品刊登于英国Aesthetica Magazine、Source艺术杂志与Still Point等期刊。摄影作品《April Dialogue》参与三影堂摄影艺术中心群展;影像作品《Constant Conjunctions, Rain》于伦敦TJBoulting画廊展览展出,同期由The Net Gallery以3D形式展示,并入选中国设计中心举办的“2020新视野”优秀作品展。作品《Energy Flow》入选由四川美协主办的青年艺术家群展;架上绘画作品曾在上海喜马拉雅美术馆、冉起当代艺博会等地展出,2023年在野松画廊和褶空间举办绘画和影像类作品个展。 孔论华的绘画作品受抽象表现主义影响,描绘女性在情感关系中的情绪。


Selected  Exhibitions:

Art Shenzhen, Shenzhen Exhibition Centre, Shenzhen, CN

Affordable Art Fair, Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai, CN

Lunhua.Kong Solo Exhibition,‘Soliloquy Poem’, Issuing Gallery, Shenzhen, CN

Lunhua.Kong Solo Exhibition,‘Rear View Box’, Project Z Space, Guangdong, CN

 ‘Seeds In The Wind’, Fuxi Commune of SCFAI, Chongqing, CN


Metamorphosis Of Rhythm,Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Shanghai, CN

Empty Lawn,BanShan Gallery, Tokyo, JP

‘Stratosphere’, Zhi Art Museum, Shenzhen, CN

Lost And Found,Tang Art Museum,Gangdong, CN

Unbounded Group Exhibition,Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre,Xiamen, CN


Ode to a nightingale, Hamony Art Gallery, Shanghai, CN

Fantasy Kingdom, Maison Art Gallery, Beijing, CN

ARTPOWER, EverArt Online, CN

Postwave Art Festival, Enjoy-Art Museum, Beijing, CN

Relay/Lucky 13, online, UK


New Horizon 2020,The Coast Gallery, ZhuHai, CN

Intermission, Issuing Gallery,Shenzhen, CN

After Intermission:Where Are We Heading, IFS AURA GAllery, Chengdu, CN

Life, Changting Gallery,Tokyo,JP

Sadgrads2020, Groocks Gallery, London, UK

Breeze, SituationistRCA, London, UK

with fists, it kicks, it bites, The Net Gallery, London, UK

Mushroom In The Dark, Dulwich Constitutional Club, London, UK
with fists, it kicks, it bites, TJBoulting, London, UK


RCA2020, Royal College of Art,London,UK


2020, Aesthetica Magazine,issue 98, UK
2020, Still point Journal, Published on 7th September, UK
2020, Source Magazine, UK
2020, fall into space, UK
2017, Handicraft, issue 142, CN



2023, 'The locality of youth artistic creation and the ecological approach of art support project mechanism' workshop, Fuxi Commune of SCFAI, Chongqing, CN

2023, ‘Changes in thinking and dialectics: new trends in youth artistic creation and the path of youth curation’ workshop, Fuxi Commune of SCFAI, Chongqing, CN
2020, ‘Constant Conjunction#Rain’, RCA2020, Twith Live, 28th July







Contact Me:

wechat: 18526412721



lunhua kong

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