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The artist’s recent series of paintings applied to the representation of a landscape or human's body that is essentially imaginary and romanticized. 

During the MA course of photography, she became increasingly interested in the immediate, emotional world around her. Lunhua's painting reinvents the emotional relationships by exploring the complexities and romantics of memory and present in literature. 

They are influenced by abstract expressionism. There is a strong aesthetic tension in the work, and the interweaving of colors and figures brings strong yet restrained emotions and reveries to viewer. The work constructs an aesthetic space that is both lyrical and rational.

Lunhua' painting is inspired by pop music, literature and street graffiti. The body and literary scene images are deconstructed in the work, and the lines and color blocks have a musical rhythm. The work attempts to express the uniqueness and romance of emotions in intimate relationships, just like the overlapping and interlaced bodies in the picture. Her works create an emotional atmosphere of free, calmness, romance and silence in abstract images.

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